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Michael Dorsey International prides itself in being able to meet the individual needs of every client.  Utilizing his expertise in Communication, Empowerment, Personal Branding, Leadership and Inspiration, Michael will leave your audience empowered, impacted and ready to conquer the world.  Below you will find a sampling of Michael Dorsey's signature programs. 


The One Click Movement: Overcoming Obstacles that Seem UNovercomable


Fueled by his love for roller coasters, Michael found himself in a position, due to his size, where he wasn't able to ride many roller coasters.  During a trip to a local park in 2009, he had an aha moment.  He found himself "One Click" away from being able to ride a roller coaster that he was looking forward to riding.  After that moment, he was determined to hear that "click."  The only problem-it was seemed impossible.  In this keynote or workshop, Michael challenges the audience to identify what their "One Click(s)" may be and then presents them with a P.L.A.N. to overcome and work towards achieving that goal. 

The S.M.I.L.E. Factor:  Keys to Building a Winning Brand


It is a scientific fact that it takes more energy to frown then it does to smile.  On the same note, all of us have a natural brand, the question is, is it a winning one?  This workshop or keynote provides a formula that will ensure a winning personal brand.

The Nike Mentality:  Building a Brand for Leaders


One of the biggest names in sports apparel and business in general figured out what it needed to do to be successful in its "game."  Not only do they ensue quality in their products, but they keep prominent figures in its network.  As leaders, it is important to know where we stand amongst our colleagues, clientele and competitors. 

The ABC's of Communication:  Moving the Message


Every now and then, everyone needs a refresher (or reminder) of why (or how) they do what they do.  This interactive workshop or keynote is designed for both the novice or expert communicator in order to make sure they keep the "main thing, the main thing." 

Lunch and Learn with Mike


As of 2013, there are a little over 300 people who have had the chance to live on The Biggest Loser Ranch and appear on the long running and inspirational TV show.
Michael is piloting a hybrid session for your group that consists of an inspirational talk and a workout.    Ideal for group weightloss or fitness challenges, team building, and general group morale boosters.  Ask for the Movin' With Mike package when you request information. 

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