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OCTOBER 8, 2013 Release!!!
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A motivational book designed to help everyone discover and overcome

that "one thing" that seems to be holding them back.


  • The One Click Movement is a project that was born out of Michael's love for riding roller coasters which he was unable to do because of his weight.


  • In 1999, Michael attempted to ride the "Lightning Racer" at Hersheypark.  Leading up to actually sitting in the seat, he really thought it was going to happen.  However, after 3 attendants attempted to get his lap bar locked down, they had to ask him to get off of the ride.  At one point, he remembered one of the attendants even saying, "All we need is One Click, all we need is One Click..." but he never heard that click. Michael walked away, watching the train leave the station and thinking to himself, "I was One Click away from getting what I wanted.  I could smell it, I could taste it, I could see it...but I couldn't have it." 


  • At the time, he thought the hurdle he needed to overcome was his weight, He has come to realize that everyone has a "One Click" issue that they need to overcome in order to do that thing they have been wanting to do.  


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